Q. If I live in Atlanta can I pick my order up?

A. At the moment, we are online only. All orders placed must be shipped.


Q. How long is shipping?

A. Shipping times are based on what and when you order. Please refer to the shipping policy for full details.


Q. Do you have express or overnight shipping?

A. At the moment, we do not offer expedited shipping.


Q. How many bundles do I need?

A. We suggest :

12-14" 2 or more bundles

18-24" 3 or more bundles 

26-32" 4 or more bundles


Q. Are your frontals and closures pre-plucked?

A. Yes, they come pre-plucked with a natural hairline!


Q. Where can I see customer photos and reviews?

A. Some of our customers can be found on our Instagram page and by clicking the "Reviews" tab. Please keep in mind that we are a wholesaler and we respect our clients privacy 100%, meaning we do not post all customer photos that we receive.


Q. I don’t see the answer to my question, how can I contact you? 

A. Please email us at info@crownedbymercedes.com


Q. Did you change the name of your business and website?

A. Yes! After 3 years I made the decision to rename my business. My previous website was QueenPinLHC.com it is now CrownedByMercedes.com 


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